Saturday, March 28, 2009

CREATE! DON'T STEAL! A campaign for protecting our rights

Laras Welt initiates a campaign today! CREATE! DON'T STEAL! is insipred by my experience of having the blog content stollen by somebody. What we, bloggers, do on our blogs, for just a hobby, or for a more serious purpose, it is work. We work when we take the photos, we work when we write the words, we work when we try to attract more visitors to our pages.
If you support the idea that our work should remain ours, and people should rather start creating, than stealing the work of others, please sign in to Mr. Linky and place the banner of the campaign on your blog page! And spread the word!
HUGE thanks to everybody who supported me, by leaving comments and links to help me deal with the blog theft!
PS: Merisi is warning about a possible virus infection on the site that stole my blog content. My antivirus did not warn me, but I guess everything is possible, and I was actually afraid of such thing! So please take care! I'll remove the link to this site from my blog - if you want to know who the thieves are, ask me!
PS: a great tip from Kimberly: what to do when someone steals your blog content


  1. Anonymous10:07 am

    Good Saturday morning Lara!
    I was terrified, when I saw in your comment the word "steal" :) I was thinking at once, I am done something horrible by accident!
    But now I understand, what did you mean.
    I have notized once, that somebody have used my photo. I said it to her very gently, but she did deny it. So it was it. She got much more comments than I ever did :)) Good for her, I thought.
    I hope, that your campaign will make people think.

    ( I had last weekend with my company in a photography class a
    nice girl, Oana, from Romania. She is studying Finnish here! )

  2. Dear Lara,
    I cannot express how sorry I am that you have to go through all this!
    I will participate, but need a little time, the next couple of days I am too busy to really think about it.
    Spring has arrived in Vienna,
    I hope your weekend is also graced by sunshine and looking forward to return here.
    All the best,

  3. I am sorry this is happening. I will be back to get the badge later today when I do some work on my blog. I am always flattered when someone wants to use something of mine, and I love the conversation when they ask to. I have never said no. But they always do the right thing and acknowledge the source. It's just a nice thing. Theft, on the other hand, is a serious abuse. And I think it must hurt to be invaded like that. It is a form of exploitation. I wonder what the purpose is of the people doing this.

    I will sign Mr. Linky later when I take the badge.

  4. I am with you Lara, it shocked me when I saw the blog, it is robotic. Just google some text and you can find the original blogger and see the same photos. But it (the robot) who stole your photos heard you loud and clear and I think the robot had removed all your posts and photos. Well Done, Lara. I will put your badge and link it to this post and also put at my side bar. Thank you for creating this banner. :)

  5. I'll get the badge too!

  6. Hi Lara, ok I have signed in. You have my full support. :)

  7. Hi Lara,

    Oepsss My name is two times you can delete one !!

    I have signed in. You have my full support. :)

    Its Greaaaaaaaat :))

    Greetz Anya :)

  8. I'll post this on my other blog ok, I've been working on this and other royalty free stuff---

  9. Anonymous7:22 pm

    Your post is a sight for sore eyes. Yes, it is theft when someone takes something that isn't theirs, even photos and text. Here's a blog I've been reading (yes I'm in the same boat) about what to do:

    I support you and signed up. If the other person is profiting from your photos of text, you should be compensated.

  10. Hi Lara..
    I find it so upsetting to know there is someone out there that has stolen your works..and your photos, and is probably, as we the process of stealing someone else's blog product. I find it disgraceful, dishonest..and the person doing a low life thief. I will be happy to heelp in any way I can..and will place your button on my blogs.
    Thanks for creating this button..I will add to my sidebar and link back to here.You are helping us all with this button. ..maybe if we all stand together, this dishonerable behaviour will cease.

  11. Anonymous5:31 am

    ^5 on this campaign!

  12. hello lara. i am joining your worthy campaign. keep it up.

  13. You're really upset - but I suppose that I would be it too. Someone linking to your blog is nice, but stealing is ugly. Very ugly.

  14. Great! Thanks Lara. I have joined it. I have even commented on Lorelle's blog shown by Kimberly.

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    Funny, Rare, Artistic, Unique, Weird, Creative, Informative

  15. Lara,
    have you (or any of your readers) had the impression that when opening the site that used your blog content, your antivirus software warns you of danger ahead?
    I have tried twice and each time the alarms went off, some bug trying to invade my computer!

  16. Anonymous12:17 pm

    Hello again, Lara!
    I put your badge on my sidebar, but because I am new in Wordpress, I can not make it linking with you. I will try!!

    Hopefully Merisi is not right with this "virus infection"!

  17. That's a great initiative, Lara! It is indeed difficult and annoying when someone steals blog content. Good luck with the campaign!

    Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come back tomorrow!

    A Pinay In England
    Your Love Coach
    I, Woman

  18. It is a shame what people are doing. I did a post on intellectual property and copyright.

  19. LAra I posted this on Viennadaily...I will try to work on it better sometime soon. Hope you are doing great...seems you did a lot of buying from the NAschmarkt!

  20. Lovely! I think many of us had suffered this. I was surprised a few months back by one of my articles in a printed magazine... with someone else's byline. I was livid and sad at the same time because I know the person who stole and got paid for it. I'll place the banner on my sidebar, and spread the word through a post in a couple of days.


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