Thursday, March 26, 2009

protest against theft!!!

Anybody knows anything about these guys? [link removed - it's potentially harmful. if you want to know who they are, ask me and I'll send the link.]
Lots of my posts are stolen and published on their page! Any clue?!My today's picture is a protest against having my posts stolen and posted as their own!!!

Late edit: maybe I wouldn't have been so upset, but please read their policy... They claim they are the authors of the posts!!! And also please note that all my photos stollen for their page bear my watermark!!!The screen shot presents their policy, but please also follow the link!
Consider this post an OFFICIAL PROTEST, since their website does not allow me to post a comment!!!


  1. I too protest it STRONGLY. Immediately take a screenshot from that website and keep it in case you need it in the future to fight. I have ticked for the follow-up comments, so I will be with you at all the steps.

    Maybe, you should find on the internet, how to stop this thing. There may be a way to inform Google about this.

    Take care.

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  2. And yes, not to forget to mention that I am a witness. I have seen your previous post — My World full of snow copied to that website's home page — Smarticle and on this URL — My World full of snow

    I have taken screenshots.

    I want to know how you came to know about it.

    I just tracked them and found who they are. Follow this link.

    Best luck. And let me know if you need my help.

    Bedse Caves
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  3. Anonymous3:34 pm

    That is outrageous - is it possible for you to complain to their hosting service?

  4. Laras, thanks for letting me know. I'm so shock such a "robber" could survive that long just by stealing/robbing for living. I will see any where that I can trace out his/her/their contact so that I can complain.
    All the best! *hug*

  5. OMG, it is so sick. I just read about an article where famous chef stole photos of food pictures from bloggers and claim as their own. I hated it. We spend so much time taking photos and I think they should ask your permission to use it. You can view similar article of theft of photos in here.

  6. Geez, Lara, did you allow them to use your photos for My World Tuesday? OMG. For a moment I thought that is another blog of yours.

  7. How strange and awful. Why not build a real and healthy relationship with you rather than this?

  8. Anonymous9:21 pm

    This is my first time visiting your site and I am appalled at what that site is doing with your content.

    I left this comment on the page that is scrapping your posts. Here is a screenshot:

    I know it won't get approved, but maybe if enough people do this, they may take it down.

    I have people stealing my photographs all the time. Usually a warning about the copyright act and possible court proceedings causes the offender to take down the stolen photos.

    Nice site you have here!

  9. Oh that is wrong@ I hate it when people do that!


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