Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Pick a peek, peek at a book, pick a book?
Seek and hide, hide and seek, sea sick?
[In Dubrovnik, Croatia. For Our World.]
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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Kafe 071 - a Sarajevan dream

While I am definitely a globe trotter, one of those beings that love to feel the rucksack in their back and the plane ticket in their pocket, it is also true that when I fall inlove with a place I make it my home, even if for a brief moment only. So, if anywone would like me to describe my heart, I would say it is a mosaic of places I encountered and started to love. My heart is a big home made of an impressive number of small homes, all trapped in my soul forever. I added one more piece to this puzzle when I set my foot in Sarajevo, and the moments when I sipped a coffee on the benches of Kafe 071 brought flavour to that wonderful evening. Beautiful and welcoming as his lady owner (my searches on the internet pointed towards Aida Hasanbegovic, but I am not sure and I am so upset I didn't ask her for the name and/or facebook account :))  ), this place is another Sarajevan fairy tale I am glad I encountered...

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