Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My world - spring is coming! [copyright for this post belongs exclusivelly to http://uproad.blogspot.com ]

Finally! Spring is here too! We've got the first flowers in our garden!
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Saturday, March 28, 2009

CREATE! DON'T STEAL! A campaign for protecting our rights

Laras Welt initiates a campaign today! CREATE! DON'T STEAL! is insipred by my experience of having the blog content stollen by somebody. What we, bloggers, do on our blogs, for just a hobby, or for a more serious purpose, it is work. We work when we take the photos, we work when we write the words, we work when we try to attract more visitors to our pages.
If you support the idea that our work should remain ours, and people should rather start creating, than stealing the work of others, please sign in to Mr. Linky and place the banner of the campaign on your blog page! And spread the word!
HUGE thanks to everybody who supported me, by leaving comments and links to help me deal with the blog theft!
PS: Merisi is warning about a possible virus infection on the site that stole my blog content. My antivirus did not warn me, but I guess everything is possible, and I was actually afraid of such thing! So please take care! I'll remove the link to this site from my blog - if you want to know who the thieves are, ask me!
PS: a great tip from Kimberly: what to do when someone steals your blog content

Pink Saturday @ The Flea Market - all copyrights belong to Lara @ http://uproad.blogspot.com

This morning I found that the guy stealing my work removed all my posts from his page. Well done! Now, he should continue with removing all the stollen work from his page. How sad! But, anybody knows what's the catch in stealing such blog posts? Any money involved, or what?Please check the anonymous comment on my previous post, and take care at this Ivan guy.
I will continue to make my claim on the blog posts, just in case...
So, let's go for nicer things, like Pink Saturday. We are in the same flea market as last week, so enjoy! For more pink posts visit Bev's site, and don't forget, better create than steal!All the photos and words on this page are the sole property of Laras Welt (http://uproad.blogspot.com). You may not use, copy or distribute any of these without my prior written consent!

Friday, March 27, 2009

update on the theft!

I believe this is a machine or something, because as human, you cannot be this stupid! They took again over my posts and photos, INCLUDING THE TEXT IN WHICH I SAID THEY WERE STEALING! Another blogger also complained and guess what! his/her post is also up on this stupid webpage!!! UNBELIEVABLE!
Indeed, I have no clue how to stop this! I will keep posting my thing with the text on the photo, because I am not going to stop Uproad/Laras Welt for such a thing!

Sky Watch in Austria - copyright Lara @ http://uproad.blogspot.com

Sky Watch at Halbturn castle in Burgenland, Austria!Since I found my photos being copied to somebody else's blog, I decided to take action and at least write more text on my photos! Just in case, to make it clear they are MY photos, MY words and MY blog. If you want any of my photos, just ask, But don't steal!Sorry for the huge text on the photos, hope it's not ruining them too much!
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Happy Friday, without thieves!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

protest against theft!!!

Anybody knows anything about these guys? [link removed - it's potentially harmful. if you want to know who they are, ask me and I'll send the link.]
Lots of my posts are stolen and published on their page! Any clue?!My today's picture is a protest against having my posts stolen and posted as their own!!!

Late edit: maybe I wouldn't have been so upset, but please read their policy... They claim they are the authors of the posts!!! And also please note that all my photos stollen for their page bear my watermark!!!The screen shot presents their policy, but please also follow the link!
Consider this post an OFFICIAL PROTEST, since their website does not allow me to post a comment!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My World full of snow

This is a post by Lara @ Laras Welt (http://uproad.blogspot.com). All copyrights belong to ME and ME only!Soooooo... we woke up this morning and what do you guess?! SNOW all over... Brrrrrrrrrr! To go with the pictures, another song of Wolfgang Ambros - with lyrics and live too :)). Let's go skiing, what else :)?!
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Monday, March 23, 2009

musical flowers

Good morning! It's spring - moody and windy, but it's spring!
I am in a musical mood, so here is, together with my Flowers from Today, a piece of Wolfgang Ambros. Servus, Austrians :)!
The picture: chestnut tree in bloom at the Halbturn Palace in Burgenland, Austria. For more flowers, click on the logo above!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

@ the flea market for a Pink Saturday

I promised last week to show you more from the wonders one could find at the flea market. Here they are! I still sigh looking at this wonderful set of dishes...
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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bad Blumau - an oasis of relaxation

This week I slowed down. Not a joy :), as you might have figured it out: my engines still roar, so it's really hard to unwind. But, to help myself, let's go again to the spa... This time is Bad Blumau, which I definitely recommend, if in Austria. Good also for art & architecture lovers, since the building is designed by the famous Friedensreich Hundertwasser.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Flohmarkt or a sort of contribution to Pink Saturday...

I am so dizzy that I completely forgot about signing up for this week's Pink Saturday. Nevertheless, I am posting some pink: next to Eisenstadt there is always a nice flea market - Flohmarkt in German. Countless treasures are displayed on camping tables, or on simple carpets, on the ground. Take out your wallets, and let's go shopping! Next Saturday, I'll show you some more goodies from this flea market.

In the meantime, do go and visit Bev's site for more pink beauties!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Sky Watch @ Eisenstadt, Burgenland

I need to apologize to all who commented on my blog lately for not being able to go an visit them too - I'll do it tomorrow. I am undergoing a set on tests, since my health is - let's just say, funny. Lots of stress it's taking its toll, but I am fighting back :). And what nicer way to relax, than to think about holiday and look at nice skies around the world. So, here we go with this weeks Sky Watch. For more wonderful pictures, remember to click on the logo above. These photos are again from Eisenstadt, the same wonderful Esterhazy Palace.
Have a great relaxing Friday. Weekend is almost here!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Eisenstadt - in Burgenland - Schloss Esterhazy

Austria has indeed many beautiful places to show: one of them, in Eisenstadt, the capital of Burgenland - the Esterhazy Palace. In 2009, commemorating 200 years since the death of Joseph Haydn, here will take place lots of great concerts dedicated to the famous composer.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Ruby Tuesday World and some delicious sandwiches...

Long time since I took part last in Ruby Tuesday, but oh, well, why not? I've got the inspiration looking at some pictures from the Viennese subway... And of course, wanted to combine it with My World: when in Vienna, one of my favourites things is to grab one of these sandwiches and go strolling on Mariahilferstrasse (oh, yeah, I DO shop :) ).
Welcome to U-Bahn :)! And while you are rushing to work, take few minutes to stop by Der Mann or by Anker - and you will be spoiled with some delicious sandwiches, or buns, or whatever else you want! Always freshly made/baked!
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