Monday, March 02, 2009

already March - and monday - but with a lot of flowers

Already March!!! Yesterday was a sunnny day, like spring indeed. Today is moody - feels more like staying at home than working. To cheer up this mood, look at these wonderful flowers in Naschmarkt Vienna, some spring ago.

For many flowers, please click on the logo above.

Happy week everybody!


  1. All so beautiful.. I'll want to bring them all home if I were there :P

  2. Oh wouldn't it be great to have an arm full or two of that selection!
    Just lovely.

  3. That is not fair..
    your blogheader shows all the delicious buns, bread and pastries I love to eat:)
    Wonderful flower pictures..
    Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature!
    It is -14C in Guildwood - Toronto!

  4. Vielen Dank..Thank you for your visit!!

  5. Hallo "Nachbarin"! Lovely Today's Flowers Post! Hope spring comes to Vienna soon :)
    Have a nice week!

  6. What a lot of flowers! How would you choose what to take home?

  7. A flower market is a wonderful place!

  8. Looks like heaven to me!

  9. Pretty flowers,nice shot...
    Thanks for visiting me...
    Have a nice week..

    Hugs from Portugal!

  10. Hi Lara

    Wonderful flower shopping!
    Marvelous bouquet also!
    Thanks for post1


  11. Beautiful photo with so many lovely bouquets of tulips and other gorgeous flowers!

  12. Could you throw some flowers here for colouring our white scenes outside?
    March is a wonderful month, because we usually have more sunny days, but all the time now we have got more and more snow. I have been skiing and it is nice, but now it is also the time, when this winter starts to feel too long and some signs of spring could be very needed.
    But we have to wait still 5-6 weeks those signs!!
    Until I will enjoy all colourful photos of blogosphere!

    Have a nice day, Lara!


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