Friday, March 27, 2009

Sky Watch in Austria - copyright Lara @

Sky Watch at Halbturn castle in Burgenland, Austria!Since I found my photos being copied to somebody else's blog, I decided to take action and at least write more text on my photos! Just in case, to make it clear they are MY photos, MY words and MY blog. If you want any of my photos, just ask, But don't steal!Sorry for the huge text on the photos, hope it's not ruining them too much!
For more skies, please follow the logo above, and don't forget, the copyright of everything I post here belongs to Lara @!
Happy Friday, without thieves!


  1. I can only image the dissapointment you felt when you found someone else using your work as their own. I totally understand and until recently was watermarking my photo's as well. I am working on a new site, which will watermarked again.

    A friend also sent me this link if you're interested in other methods used to prevent theft.

    Love the shots!!


  2. Opps...

  3. Ity's disgusting! (I'm not talking about your photos, but the theft.)

  4. I am sorry about the theft and aggravation. I hope it gets resolved. Your photos are beautiful.

  5. Hi Lara,

    Good way to do that. I dont know how I will react if I am in the same boat. I found that culprit steal photos from other bloggers too. :(

  6. Hi Lara, thanks for stopping by. It is a shame that people steal your work. How much does it take to ask and have the curtesy to put your name and url so people can visit your posts. Your photos are great and interesting.

  7. It is so sad that people think so little when stealing images or ideas. Shame on them!

    Unfortunately I have no idea how to prevent it.

    I just happened upon a blog that made me at first think I was on my own, since that person was using a title I like to use on series of pictures of the same kind I have done many times - it would have been too much to recognize "title and series of images inspired by ... "?

    These thieves make one ponder if it was not time to close the blog and have it open only by invitation.

  8. These are beautiful, with and without text. So summery!

    Have you found out if you can do anything about the theft?

  9. I hate to hear about someone taking your photos. I guess I am nieve I still just didnt think that really happened. Thanks for taking a guess on my UFO picture. how do you keep people from steeling photos I am new to photography and my photos are not worth steeling but If I get a good one I would hate for someone to use and make money off it or something. Just wondering If I should atleast put my name at the bottom of each photo as I see some people do and how do you do that?

  10. It's good to watermark your photos. Shame on those that stole your shots :(

  11. I'm sorry to hear that your pictures have been stolen and pasted onto somebody else's blog without any proper acknowledgement. Maybe you should publish their URL so that action can be taken.

    PS and these were lovely!

    PPS Thanks for the comments!


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