Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Grinch and the Christkindlmarkt

 Yesterday I took the Grinch to the Christmas Market in front of the Viennese City-hall. I tried to offer the Grinch some Punsch or Glühwein, some Langos or some sweets. No way! Slightly annoyed, the Grinch complained about the high prices, but also about the fact that some of the huts are offering the same products like last year. The wind was also on the list, as well as the cold.
 It was only the snow that saved the day from the Grinch, and the Grinch from himself. With a sigh he admitted that the Advent is a beautiful season.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Advent, Advent

Bright lights, delightful smells, nice music, children, laughter. We also had snow, but a warm storm melted it away in just few hours. 
 Most wanted? Punsch and Glühwein, of course! Second place come the Maroni - roasted chestnuts.
The shopping rush? The stress (madness?) before Christmas? Not with us, thank you.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Camera Critters and some snow

 When I took these first two pictures it was already cold enough as to be terribly surprised when this mosquito landed on my left boot. Took a pictures of it just so the people will believe me that I saw a mosquito at this time (and temperature)!
 Yesterday it snowed like in a fairytale and we were already happy for the prospects of visiting the local Advent market in snow & all. Well, till evening a warm storm came and melted almost all of this beautiful snow. The wind blew the whole night - making weird noises and all. Now I see we are going to have a sunny Sunday. So much for a white winter!
Happy Camera Critters day ;)!
ps: and since the discussion on the CC site was about Christmas carols, here is a Romanian classic. Enjoy!
Stefan Hrusca - Colinde de Craciun - Deschide usa, crestine
 Asculta  mai multe  audio   diverse

Friday, December 10, 2010

cool Caribbean feeling

And when I say cool, I mean cool - as in freezing, actually! The photo is taken at Mole West, by the Neusiedler lake, in Austria and the title is inspired by the juniors who started laughing when they saw this image. At a first glance it could trick you with the summer feeling, but no, no more warm weather here.
Happy sky watching!