Tuesday, November 24, 2009

of wine and autumn

Oh, you all, hail the new wine, it's finally here! As fresh as the air in one autumn morning, as yellow sometimes as the leaves of the vine, or red as the sun collapsed in the lake,
so young and so brave, so sparkling in glasses, so cheerful as those that this fine potion make... But careful, thou, after too many sips, it makes the brains of the humans get fuzzy like this...

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Create, don't steal!

I observed lately that lots of people arrived on my blog after searching for "create, don't steal". I realize the stealing of our pictures cannot be 100% prevented, but if you follow some small steps, maybe we can make it a little bit harder for these guys doing nothing but taking advantage of somebody else's work.

Step 1: add a watermark to your photos. I know, sometimes it can ruin the entire photo, but we have to accept this.

Step 2: In photoshop lower the quality of your photo. This is what I've been taught by an internet friend, and I do so ever since.

Again, this will not prevent the theft, but maybe it makes our photos less... attractive.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday musings

Today it really looks like winter is coming soon. I've been swimming and then shopping for pens and pencils: I begin school on Monday :). I lingered a little among the glossy books with Christmas cookies and other yummy recipes. And then, among the ones with Christmas carols and stories. And then, when I was walking home, I saw the first (l.e. decorated) Christmas trees in front of a shop. Should I start singing, like in that coke commercial: holidays are coming? Oh, well, not yet. For now I'll just boil a cup of tea against the fog and show you a wonderful sunset from yesterday, yes, at the lake...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sky Watch: observation point

It's again that time of the week when I keep asking myself: what would it be - a bench or the sky watching? Again, me lucky - this bench was waiting patiently to become a star on my blog. At lake Neusiedl, of course. Yes, you can call it that I have an obsession with this lake, but I guess it's nicer and better to say that I have a passion for it. Wouldn't you, if you lived next to such beauty?
Happy sky watching! For more beautiful skies, please click the badge below! And for more benches, visit PERBS!
... and totally off topic, but for my friend Wienermädel in Vienna:
Der Apfelkuchen ist schon weg :)), aber ich habe ein Foto gemacht:Ich warte auf meinen Mann und den Junior (hallo, Junior!) nach Hause zu kommen, um ihnen einen neuen Kuchen zu backen :)).

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Watery Wednesday: Neusiedlersee - the autumn look

What can be worse for an addicted photographer than to forget the camera charger... like more than 1000 km away? Oh, well... at least I've got my small camera, which is doing a pretty cool job too.
So, for Watery Wednesday I paid a visit to the lake. The light was fantastic, the silence was covering the lake like a huge bell made of glass. The wind was still, and among the clouds I saw a promise for nice ice a little bit later.
Strange contrast to the vivacity of the summer. The Mole West is deserted for a while too. But I guess they all need a break: the lake, the ducks, the Mole...

Monday, November 16, 2009

just autumn

Light with the colour and texture of honey. Air so mild and soft like silk. Home. Austria.

Friday, November 13, 2009

sky watchin' from Vienna

A little bit different view of Vienna: in the newly developed area of Krieau the buildings are mainly made of steel and glass. A feeling that has nothing to do with the imperial Vienna as we all know it at least from the pictures...
Happy sky watching, don't forget to visit this link for more beautiful sights!

Friday, November 06, 2009

watching the skies of Rome

Rome is indeed a city where you can easily get a pain in your neck. So many columns, high buildings, wonderful skies all come together to make the poor tourist dizzy. Today, some examples.For more great skies, click HERE!

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Pink Saturday on Sunday

I had no internet access yesterday, this is why I have the pink Saturday on Sunday. Nevertheless, I hope this will be fun for you too... These are out two cats, enjoying the rest of milk & food from the dog pot. It's already cold here, so we started feeding our dogs again with hot milk mixed with some bread or some dog food. When we bring the empty pot inside, it's the duty of the cats to pre-clean it :)!

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