Friday, November 13, 2009

sky watchin' from Vienna

A little bit different view of Vienna: in the newly developed area of Krieau the buildings are mainly made of steel and glass. A feeling that has nothing to do with the imperial Vienna as we all know it at least from the pictures...
Happy sky watching, don't forget to visit this link for more beautiful sights!


  1. Definitely a different view from what we're accustomed to seeing, but all of our cities are changing, I guess. It's just so much more noticeable in Europe where the original cities are so much older and more historical. These are lovely and I can clearly see that we definitely have the same color of skies today regardless of time and distance! Really lovely shots, Lara!

    Enjoy your weekend and stay warm and dry!


  2. The first photo reminds me of an old song "through a lace covered window" nice photos its great to see unusal angles.

  3. Those are interesting contemporary views. There is a lot of fun here. Thanks for these views.

  4. A great delight to see these structures. A drastic take-off from what I always see in our rural countryside.

    Have a great weekend!
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  5. Grey Vienna sky.
    I need a spirit-lifter—
    how about a waltz?

    My Sky

  6. Diese Neubauten kenne ich noch gar nicht, interessante Ausblicke!

    Liebe Grüsse aus Wien

  7. Eine gute Idee - guckst du hier:

  8. Hello Lara,
    this was a first evening, when I started to visit old blogfriends and you came to my blog just now!
    We have got 6th grandchild and I have been helping the family all autumn. Now they are doing well and I can be at home for a change.
    See you more often now!

  9. Indeed a special part of Vienna. I was also a little bit shocked about the difference between the Vienna promoted (imperial) and the new side of the city. However, they've managed to keep a certain spirit/image of Vienna.


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