Saturday, November 21, 2009

Create, don't steal!

I observed lately that lots of people arrived on my blog after searching for "create, don't steal". I realize the stealing of our pictures cannot be 100% prevented, but if you follow some small steps, maybe we can make it a little bit harder for these guys doing nothing but taking advantage of somebody else's work.

Step 1: add a watermark to your photos. I know, sometimes it can ruin the entire photo, but we have to accept this.

Step 2: In photoshop lower the quality of your photo. This is what I've been taught by an internet friend, and I do so ever since.

Again, this will not prevent the theft, but maybe it makes our photos less... attractive.

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  1. I tried to click on a picture of yours, to enlarge it, and it immediately downloaded itself (all I did was click), in a quality that would make a great picture postcard.


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