Sunday, May 28, 2006

old times of Ploiesti

i got very much into old houses these days, especially thanks to seesaw and the other people taking photos of caryatids. i realized that there are lots to be discovered in this romanian province city. plenty of time to do that today, herr s. is again in a business trip (eh... hate the weekends without him, hate the time in general without him...). but i am really satisfied with today, let's take a look at what i've got. oh, i still have to complain about the people parking their vans in front of exquisite old buildings, so the wannabe photographer couldn't do her job properly...
and one more thing: i wonder why people don't realize what beautiful buildings they've got, and let them in ruin...


Old lottery bilboards. By some miracle, they still exist in front of an agency in Ploiesti. But again, in bad shape.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Gara de Nord


2nd class train tickets

I have always liked better the 2nd class. It is there that you can meet the most interesting people, hear the most interesting conversations...

train travelling

V. is leaving Romania. We hurried to his party, after a long work day. The decision to go by train to Bucharest was a wise one... I had fun with the camera in the meantime :).

Monday, May 22, 2006

spring in the mountains

yesterday, towards 2000 m altitude, near Sinaia. S. grabbed me and we went up there for a breath of fresh air. away from civilisation, in the middle of nowhere, we encountered lots of snow and lots of flowers too... no other noise but the wind, the birds and our steps.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

country of all views

S. said there is no need anymore to go to Africa or South America. We've got it all here... I suspect he likes it in here...

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


by the nature of our work we travel a lot. don't get me wrong- i love travelling, i could not just sit there in an office pushing papers from one corner of the desk to the other. but i like to travel together with my man, no matter if' s it's for work or fun. but the fact that sometimes he travels more than me drives me nuts :). i am all by myself for a week. and you can't imagine how that is. well... to give you a clue that' s first of all BOOOOOORIIIIING! ah, but why am i whining and complaining? eh, as i was telling you... i am bored... let's just post some more photos. we had such a nice weekend travel, went to see the Danube. and we were laughing that we are in four places at the same time: his home, my home(s)- two of them, and on the Romanian bank of the river... great feeling...