Sunday, May 28, 2006

old times of Ploiesti

i got very much into old houses these days, especially thanks to seesaw and the other people taking photos of caryatids. i realized that there are lots to be discovered in this romanian province city. plenty of time to do that today, herr s. is again in a business trip (eh... hate the weekends without him, hate the time in general without him...). but i am really satisfied with today, let's take a look at what i've got. oh, i still have to complain about the people parking their vans in front of exquisite old buildings, so the wannabe photographer couldn't do her job properly...
and one more thing: i wonder why people don't realize what beautiful buildings they've got, and let them in ruin...


  1. Beautiful collection, I like these old windows, ornaments... Did not know there are so many in Ploiesti!

  2. it was amazing for me too... and more to come, i just need the time to go and find them. S. is back, so i'll take him "hunting" for pics really soon.


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