Wednesday, May 10, 2006


by the nature of our work we travel a lot. don't get me wrong- i love travelling, i could not just sit there in an office pushing papers from one corner of the desk to the other. but i like to travel together with my man, no matter if' s it's for work or fun. but the fact that sometimes he travels more than me drives me nuts :). i am all by myself for a week. and you can't imagine how that is. well... to give you a clue that' s first of all BOOOOOORIIIIING! ah, but why am i whining and complaining? eh, as i was telling you... i am bored... let's just post some more photos. we had such a nice weekend travel, went to see the Danube. and we were laughing that we are in four places at the same time: his home, my home(s)- two of them, and on the Romanian bank of the river... great feeling...

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