Sunday, December 12, 2010

Camera Critters and some snow

 When I took these first two pictures it was already cold enough as to be terribly surprised when this mosquito landed on my left boot. Took a pictures of it just so the people will believe me that I saw a mosquito at this time (and temperature)!
 Yesterday it snowed like in a fairytale and we were already happy for the prospects of visiting the local Advent market in snow & all. Well, till evening a warm storm came and melted almost all of this beautiful snow. The wind blew the whole night - making weird noises and all. Now I see we are going to have a sunny Sunday. So much for a white winter!
Happy Camera Critters day ;)!
ps: and since the discussion on the CC site was about Christmas carols, here is a Romanian classic. Enjoy!
Stefan Hrusca - Colinde de Craciun - Deschide usa, crestine
 Asculta  mai multe  audio   diverse


  1. Anonymous11:16 am

    Magical shots! Love all those ducks dancing in the sunset.

  2. Hahaha the mosquito must be really very hungry. Nice capture.

  3. The first amount of snow we got on Thursday evening. Until that moment we had warm weather and also mosquitoes which was unusual for December. Your photos are fantastic as always.

  4. Adorei ver a foto em que a vida resplandece alegremente! Pois mosquitos aqui temos de montão, a temperatura (em média 38º)favorece a sua expansão.

  5. Anonymous3:14 am

    I like your first image a lot. The macro and angle is so amazing. You captured a lot of nice detail as well as showing the fabric in the boot. It is a nice shot.

  6. It's amazing to see insects in winter when the sun shines. Hardy little beasts, aren't they?

  7. sehr schön die zweite aufname ist seht got wunderschöne farben

    Gr, Bram

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    Thanks a lot...


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