Wednesday, November 01, 2006


on a fence in Ploiesti


  1. Well, I think I could sign this!
    The photo is excellent!

  2. Anonymous8:08 pm

    People can make such a mess from anything, good things or less good things, always the same.
    But DP is such a good thing, we hope nothing will mix it :)
    Fine photo!

  3. This photo makes me very sad; sorry to see it since it's probably aimed at my country OR am I just being paranoid. But it is a clear shot!!

  4. weeeeelll... this is just a photo, people... and I live in an ex- communist country, in which the capitalism is not quite a success. i don't know to whom it is aimed, since i don't know the author. people here live hard times, but it is nice to see freedom of expression and freedom of speech, even if it is on a fence. on the other hand, i am not making any statement with this blog (maybe i will, but with another), i am just bringing images in front of your eyes. if you like the images or not, that is not my issue. thank you for visiting!

  5. nice photo. interesting is that a sign has coca-cola fonts :)


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