Friday, December 01, 2006

the race for Vienna

no photos for today, some more words than usual thou.
as i already said: 28 days till in Wien. and the race starts: already my mind started running 180 thoughts/h, where to go, what to see, who to meet, and, yes, yes, of course! what to eat!
S. is not going to be with me in Wien (just don't ask why). on one hand this is ok, i want Wien all for myself, as i am sure we are starting, Wien and me, a brand new love story. simillar to what i have with Novi Sad and Belgrade.
today i got the tickets. i chose train this time (yeah, mainly because Austrian Airlines/Tarom are already fully booked, also for the first days of January). on the other hand, i just love trains, and travelling at night. usually, in my journeys to Belgrade, i used to wake up precisely from hour to hour, always at o'clock.
checking today some more things to eat while in Wien (don't be mislead, i am always fed Austrian/Viennese specialities by S.), i found on one of the expats blogs a story about the Viennese cuisine - "Die Wiener Küche". i laughed in front of my computer when i saw that the subject of my harshest disputes with S., the Palatschinken, are given on this site a different origin than i ever thought: while i kept arguing and fighting for the Serbian origin of this wonderful dish, and S. was fighting back in support of the Austrian origin of the Palatschinken, as i was saying, i found out that they are actually... Romanian :)). i have to share this with S., he will be amused...

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