Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Romano Drom

It's high time to humour Frau Novala and post a little something about the concert we attended in Wien. You can also read about Romano Drom here:
So, it started kind of funny since one minute after we entered the room the band on the stage stopped playing. My friend was: "This must be the shortest concert I've ever attended! Sigh!". Anyways, we had a good laugh about that and waited - not really patiently - for the rest of the concert to start. Later we realized there was an opening act, some very Sarajevo music, as we dubbed it. Time enough not to pay too much attention - we were expecting Gipsy music, so I guess our stomachs/ears were not in the mood for anything else. When on the verge of getting upset, it started. At first everybody was a little bit shy, but up to the second song already, there were people dancing and jumping around.
This concert was indeed a model for the "beyond language communication", since the band talked to us in Romanes (or, as I stupidly called it, causing Frau Novala to smile, "Gipsy language"). One way or another, we completely understood everything. Their very faces, let alone the music, were talking. And the music... well, Frau Novala, back to your question: how can you describe music?! But one thing is certain: no need for translating the lirics, since the music took us from joy to sorrow, from love to lust to purity, from lonliness to the crowds. But I will stay with the joy, since it is a really long time since I've seen such sincere stage behaviour and uncanny "joie de vivre".
Danke sehr, Frau Novala, for making this possible!


  1. Anonymous11:28 am

    I think, I understand, what do you mean.
    Best my memory about something like this is from the island Kefalonia in Greece long time ago. We went by chance to the place, where were only
    Greek people and their music.I never forget that night.

  2. That is a very, very nice concert review, Lara. And I greatly enjoyed your company! We should do that again.

  3. I like gypsy music very much. I have some wonderful CDs at home:)


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