Monday, July 23, 2007

Vama Veche

As per public request (thanks, friends :) - I was also travelling, but mainly I am overloaded with work - organizing the Romanian language summer school, you know...), here is a photo from Vama Veche - more or less the last hippie fortress. Or the last place where you can be who you wanna be, you can do what you wanna do... but compared to when I was young, now you need LOTS of money to do that. Where is the wonderful wild beach from my younger days? Subjected to capitalism and globalization now :).

Have a great week everybody!


  1. Hi Lara, welcome back! Glad to see you posting! Hope the heat wave didn't affect you too much.
    Just one comment on your nice post: now you always need MUCH MORE money to do anything, compared to what you needed some years ago...

  2. Yeah! Glad to see you again.

    All of the best places end up gentrified and overrun by yuppies who truly fail to appreciate the beauty of a place. Here's hoping there will be a counter-revolution in a few years and it will revert back to those who cherish these places for their true worth.

  3. Anonymous7:46 am

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  4. Anonymous8:46 am

    Come to Finland, we have free beaches or shores to enjoy, forests to walk and pick berries and mushrooms, you can do it, where ever you want,lakes to look at sunrises and sunsets . . .
    No need money for it - hm, petrol`s price is now about 1,3 euros/ litre !!!
    We don`t remember now winter`s frosts or darkness either :)

    I hope your heath is going down now!

  5. Beautiful!

    Hope all is well with getting your language school going and all your other pursuits.


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