Monday, April 21, 2008

looking through Transilvania

As I was mentioning earlier, I worked this weekend. But my job is a fun one: we had an intensive class of Romanian for foreigners, so we took our students to have lessons outside in the park. We reached Parcul Herastrau and, for sure, the absolutelly stunning Village Museum. This sign points to the various sections of the musem. Can you read it? This photo was intended as a contribution to Project Looking Through. Great idea, Mark!
PS: 1.More Peter adventures? He is staying with my mom for the next days... And guess what he did today, after destroying a carton box? He ate her food... she cooked some fish, did not pay attention for 5 seconds... and... :))... LOL!
2. Thanks everybody for visiting, I promise I'll check your posts asap. It's 10 PM here, and I have just arrived from work.


  1. I love Herastrau Park, I think it's my favourite bit of Bucharest. Though I've never yet been to the village museum (having been to the one in Sibiu, I can't imagine this one would be any better - have you been to the Sibiu one?).

  2. Peter the menace! ;D

    I absolutely hate Blogger's comment system. I despise it. Worse yet, I abhor it!

    Yesterday, I wrote a long comment in which I told you about how I used to help my cats catch flies. I just checked to see if you had replied and it's gone gone gone. :(

  3. Ok, I'll type again what I'd written about my cats (but only because you are so cute and sweet ;D).

    Next time Peter spots a fly high up on a wall, grab him so that he's facing the wall while he stands on one of your arms (paws on your forearm). Place your other hand right on his chest. His eyes will be fixed on that fly. Now raise your arm so that he may reach and, hopefully, catch the fly.

    Many years ago, one of my cats was obsessed with a fly that was too high up on the wall. He wouldn't stop meowing and was driving me insane so I decided to "help" him catch that darn fly and that's how it all started. :)

    It's a lot of fun!


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