Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Burgenland, lake Neusiedler, Austria. The guardians of the lake.
ps: for not seeming so mysterious, these haystacks look like some fairy tale dwarfs or smth. to me :))


  1. Cryptic today :::))) This is going to take some thought....

  2. Oh, beautiful, I love the golden hue!

    I never made it there in the autumn,
    but I photographed reed stooks around the lake several times during the winter (one particular morning it was so cold, the camera almost froze, my fingers too).

    Off topic:
    I agree about the light around the Upper Belvedere, especially early morning and around sundawn.
    I shall try to post some of the sunset pictures I took last week. I could not get enough, the gates were literally closing as I still dashed around. Magical!
    So, you will arrive tomorrow?
    I can already feel a bit of the city emptying out for the summer. Small signs, but they make me look forward to August. ;-)

  3. Lara, perhaps they'll, in their infinite wisdom, consider shooting the next "Star Wars" in Austria.

  4. They do look like fairy tents!! Thanks for visiting my blog.

  5. The do look like people, interesting!

  6. These are cute and nice. I would imagine some one hiding in one of the haystack waiting to be found. Nice place to play hide and seek. :)


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