Wednesday, July 08, 2009


At lake Neusiedl.


  1. A nice water scene!

  2. This is nice Lara.... spending time around the lake lately?

  3. Hi Lara. Nice diagonal.

  4. Beautifully composed! I have an urge to try to hop from pole to pole! (I think I want to get wet!)

  5. Being at lake during a summer is best!
    Your photo is fine, but where are birds from a top of those blocks of wood :)

  6. Hola Lara,
    Do you know what is funny? On the last weekend I drunk some Austrian beeres (Märzen?), I am not sure.
    But if I see water and sailing boats ... I have to think on Becks, but the european version!!!
    I am back ... more or less, not 100% .. but I am back!
    Liebe Grüsse

  7. That is the kind of composition I like!

    PS Regarding the size of the pictures, you will first have to change your template into one that uses the whole available screen. These use relative values for the size of the various elements (percentage). I use one called Minima Stretch, but there are others.

    You will the have to decide how large you want your sidebar, header and main body to be and enter these values into the HTML code.

    When it comes to the pictures themselves there are several ways of doing it. I use an external server (my employer's actually) which gives me an URL that I can enter into the relevant field in the uploading window. I reduce the size of each picture to the size I want to show (800px in landscape) before uploading to the server.

    If you upload directly into Blogger, you have to manually edit the code in HTML-mode (Thank Blogger for this!). Here is a manual from a site where I'm a member that show you how. The text is in Norwegian, but the slides themselves should explain it - maybe with the help of Google Translator.

    Good Luck!

  8. Oh yes, beautiful -
    now, where's my sailboat? ;-)

    Is this Ilmitz?
    I have a similar picture,
    taken there.

  9. @ Merisi: althoug these poles are present almost everywhere round the Austrian side of the Neusiedler, this photo was taken in Neusiedl am See.


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