Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I found in Fuerteventura all what I expected and even more. Oh, well, to be honest, I actually didn't have any expectations, and this was for the better. I just discovered it step by step, enjoying the dryness, the desert, the squarish houses, the ocean shores, hidden behind the rocks. And I enjoyed the laziness, above all.
At the end of a dusty island road, we found a black sand beach and a group of houses, built so close together as if to protect each other against the wind or the ocean. No people were to be seen there. But many were on the beach. The smell of the calamari freshly fried in garlic still makes me drool. Heat from the sun, heat from the sand, heat on our skin. A jump into the ocean and then, the perfect siesta feeling...


  1. Definitely an odd way to build houses. I like some of the colors though.

  2. Looks like a protected village to me! We Amricans are so greedy for land around our homes tht we often don't even know our neighbors.

  3. I would take a bet that these houses are so close together to withstand the elements better.
    Sounds like you truly enjoyed yourself there! :-)

  4. Interestring houses and beautiful photo.


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