Monday, November 15, 2010

Transalpina, Romania: my (friend's) world

I am not going to complain again that I miss (one of my) home(s). Because, if I am to accept the fact that I'm a traveler, I also have to accept that I cannot be in two places at once. Anyways, while talking to my friend Ramona on Sunday evening (that is until 1 AM in the morning, you know, girls talk...) I was also checking some photos from her last trip that she uploaded on facebook. No need to say that I was so impressed that I asked for one to publish here. And here it is: on Transalpina road, in Romania. Her world, my world. Enjoy!


  1. Wow! That is an awesome world to be sure! Terrific capture! Thanks for sharing your friend's world with us today! Hope you have a wonderful week!


  2. Romona in Romania sounds like a song. Thanks for sharing her photograph … it is a lovely work of art. :)

  3. Anonymous10:37 pm

    love the layers in this landscape. enjoy the new work week.

  4. É uma imagem espetacular, um olhar incrível sobre a cadeia de montanhas!
    A sensação de ver esta formação divina nos transmitem uma grande paz.
    Uma feliz semana!

  5. Seven ridges receding into the distance . . . a remarkable photo

  6. Amazing landscape. Love to be there.

  7. sorry for the late reaction, but I had to do my job the whole day

    Beautiful My World Tuesday posting

    Have a nice week,
    Greetings, Bram

    Link to My Word Tuesday post!

    Seen on My World Tuesday

  8. What a stunning photograph :-)

  9. Frumoasa Romanie, nu stim sa te apreciem cum meriti!


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