Monday, May 21, 2012

the magic dwelling of the Artist as we know her

She has enchanted trees dressed in colourful clothes.
She has wondrous pencils hanging in front of her door, so the world doesn't lose its colour.
She has the magic power to make you forget the Alltag - the dull every-day - once you step beyond her threshold.
Maria Theresia Rittsteuer. In Neusiedl am See, in the magic Burgenland.
[mellow yellow]
[our world]


  1. Andrada8:52 pm

    oh, where is this magic place? I want to visit it! Austria, here I come :))

  2. Deliciously colourful in primary colours.

  3. Amazing colours. Such a lovely thought too!

  4. Just once, I saw a colourful, crocheted piece around a sculpture that sits in a park near the ocean. You make a wonderful effort to put colour in your life, and in the lives of those around you. What fun!

  5. That's awesome artwork and great photos.

  6. So beautiful!

    Visiting late from MYM, here's my Yellow Roses, come and see.

  7. Fascinating photos!


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