Friday, November 02, 2012

layers of sky

the sky as a layered cake ;))
among these buildings - although not so tall - there is little sky to see. that's how you live in the city, my mother will say.
sometimes I can only guess what's going on there, at the lake, on the bright open space that this little piece of sky hints to. and, from behind my computer, where I sit trapped in some document urgently requiring my words, I can only envy my-self who had some spare moments to spend at the lake with the camera, trying to catch the impossible.

[sky watch]


  1. The sky is indeed like a layered sponge cake framed in chocolate! Hmmmm

  2. Beautiful shot! Happy sky watching.


  3. I love this shot... great minimalim and very storytelling... with other words, perfect photography !!

    wish you a nice weekend,

  4. Beautiful photo, Lara!


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