Wednesday, December 12, 2012

dark coffee state of mind (wishful thinking)

I'd like to lose myself in a dark Viennese coffee house, to cover my ears and my eyes, and only let go of those sounds coming from an old Cohen rusty song.


  1. I am with you!
    Maybe wishes come true if more people dream the same dream?
    Beautiful photograph, Lara,
    I like the mood of it all. xxx

    I have another dream, too, a walk along Neusiedl Lake. ;-)

  2. O what a beautiful idea! The aroma of coffee has that spell-binding effect!

  3. Yes, I agree, that would be a lovely way to spend some time. Thank you for linking up this week Lara!

  4. Atmospheric photo - I hate coffee, but adore Cohen :-)

  5. wonderful photo Lara.

  6. I like your quote and the picture:) Dropping by from " Our world tuesday"
    My entry: The beauty of winter:


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