Monday, June 11, 2007

Danube meets the Black Sea

my friends, this is one of the points where Danube meets the Black Sea. a place of a weird beauty.


  1. ohh yes..I imagined it a bit more romantic!

  2. Anonymous6:59 am

    You have such a fine photos of water- and cow- lilies, we have to wait still few weeks before I can get such photos.
    Zsolt wants romantic:)
    Could it be in Joensuu, where the river Pielisjoki meets the lake Pyhäselkä
    The place can be seen in my June 6. post. Zsolt, you can come and sit in the cafeteria and look at the moon or sunsets on the lake!
    Nice Wednesday Lara!

  3. Hi Leena, hope you realize we are commenting on eachother's blogs in the same time :). yeah, Zsolt IS a romentic, isn't he ;)? best wishes to both!


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