Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Museums Quartier?!

An unshakeable feeling of "this smells like Vienna" was with us for the few hours that we visited Sibiu/Hermannstadt. These MuseumsQuartier-like benches added to that. Anyways, from what we've been told, Austrian money helped to the renovation of Sibiu. One could tell that from the STRABAG signs present everywhere in the city.


  1. Anonymous4:41 pm

    sorry, that I am so busy just now! I can not quite understand this Sibiu, I should read about it more, but it looks very pleasant and fine place with those old beautiful houses.

    I wish you good summer days despite of that hotness, what you have.

    we have still about 12 degrees :)

  2. hi Leena, thanks for visiting. take some time to visit the Sibiu website, and in the meantime I will post some more photos. it is a lovely city! and an explanation: in Vienna, in the Museums Quartier, you can see similar benches.


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