Saturday, May 17, 2008

Junii Brasovului

We interrupt our broadcast from London to show you few portraits of the "Brasov Youngsters" - pictures from the last day of the Brasov festival (like two weekends ago I guess, right after our return from London).
Have a great Saturday!


  1. These are wonderful shots. I've never seen such gear on a horse before. I love the colors.

  2. Hi Lara! Here I am for the weekly visit… ;)
    Beautiful pictures of the Brasov festival. Loved to re-see the buildings behind the ridders!
    As for the Swiss, Jackie and Pat explained it all; just add that some years ago that was inside a building in Leicester square, which hosted the Swiss Centre and some fabulous fondue and raclette restaurants! Nowadays the restaurant closed, I believe and the tree with the arms of the cantons went outside... It seems that there is a 2006 plan to redevelop the building...
    Also loved to see the market and the swans. Excellent shots! And of course, you could not miss the spooky Tower of London... ;))
    Thanks for your comment on Blogtrotter, which has now landed in the imperial town of Marrakesh, the Red City!
    Hope you enjoy and have a great weekend!

  3. Hello Lara
    these are nice captures... now I need to find out about the Brasov Festival.

  4. looks like a fun time! great shots!

  5. Is the festival about the horses? (I'd google later) This looks like a feast for photo enthusiasts...Great portraits!

  6. I love the second photo. Both horse and rider look just wonderful. I too will have to do some googling ;D to learn more about the Brasov festival.

    BTW, looks like you are feeling much better these days. I'm glad!

    Take care.

  7. Beautiful horses. The horses are all beautifully decorated.

  8. I think RO-Pumpkin has been blogging about the festival as well. Lovely - I really must make it to Brasov again sometime (14 years is too long to leave it, especially after seeing all your lovely photos!).

  9. Anonymous10:47 pm

    These are very interesting!

  10. Beautiful horses, handsome men and nice decorations. Perfect combination.

  11. I’ve just done some googling and found out that Brasov Festival is an international pop music festival which started in 1968 and that many well known artists around the world have performed at the festival over the years.
    This is beautiful and interesting series of photos; it looks like a folk parade.


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