Saturday, May 31, 2008

morning dew

when we arrived at Muntele Rosu (Jackie, Lacu Rosu is far away from here. This place is next to Cheia.) it was early morning. we found these crystals as we started climbing.
today is also a beautiful day - enjoy your weekend!


  1. Hi Lara! Sorry for the speedy visit! I’ve been busy the whole last week and will be out in the next, so this is far less than your blog deserves… ;(( But I promise I’ll come back with more time after June 10th, at least…
    Anyhow, loved to see the storm pictures!
    To avoid leaving you empty hands, I published a last post on Marrakesh 2006 at Blogtrotter. ;))

  2. Lovely photo of the morning dew like crystals on the green leaves!

  3. Anonymous1:41 pm

    Those dew drops are always so inspiring, but not always as good as they are in your photo.

    Relaxing weekend to you!

  4. So many big drops. I like this a lot.

  5. The dew makes the little flowers transparent, like diaphanous little wings. Looks like it was a bright day for a walk!

  6. Beautiful picture, caught so well.


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