Thursday, June 26, 2008

Gozo - a one day jeep safari

Looking for a jeep safari in Gozo? Forget about any other offers, go for one at Benji's travel agency ! Cheap but amazing - for only 30 EUR per person (compared to 60 EUR pp at the competition) you get a 6 h trip around Gozo and a wonderful guide. Tip: ask for the elderly driver from Xewkija. He will take you to the most amazing places on the island, and will tell stories you will remember...
One of the places that totally amazed us is the Salt Pans. They are drying up the sea water here and collect later the salt. An amazing view, a joy for the photographer too!
Happy Thursday!


  1. Anonymous12:21 pm

    Thank you for a tip :)
    We are going to Malta and will remember this.
    I wait for your photos from this island.
    Have a fine Thursday yourself!

  2. Anonymous1:01 pm

    Great landscape!

  3. this place is very picturesque. great shots!

  4. It looks like the moon! Some friends of mine went to Gozo on honeymoon and loved it. Yet another place to add to the list (sigh - I'd better get travelling soon if I'm going to visit all these places I'm adding to the list!).

  5. Very beautiful place and thanks for the information. I am sure you enjoyed yourself very much on the trip.

  6. interesting landscape, so much fun on a Jeep Safari.


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