Monday, October 20, 2008

drilling for water

God bless these people who are in our yard, drilling for water. They reached 70 m and a great quality of water. We are grateful. I could never believe that water, that we take so for granted, is so precious...


  1. Congrats on finding water, very nice!

  2. That looked like some heavy construction. We do take flowing water out of our faucets for granted.

  3. Oooo very interesting. So I guess wrong. :)

  4. Anonymous1:19 pm

    Yes, Lara!
    It`s many other things, what we realize until they have gone, fortunately any of those things is in this moment gone, so, I can not know, how important it could be ;)
    Have a good times in your new area!

    Warm greetings

  5. Sorry Lara!
    Linux is playing with me, sometimes it gives my identity but not always!

  6. I'm glad you're now connected! Both to the water and to your blog!

  7. Now I get the other shot! Congratulations on the water.

  8. Water IS precious. Where I live there isn't a whole lot of it. Where I used to live, the wells were often over 700 ft. deep. (more than 200 meters).

    Doesn't look like things are super fun at the moment!


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