Wednesday, October 22, 2008

the youngster

Introducing the youngest member of our pet family: Mowgli. And she's a girl, but the name fit, since she arrived in our yard from nowhere (now we know where from, though :)) ). She was in a leash because the gates were always open for the drillers. Since last night she (and her friend to be presented soon) are free again - we have water!!! They ran and ran for like 10 minutes without stopping. And I am so glad, because it was awful to keep them in a leash. But it was for their own safety...
Happy Wednesday!


  1. Anonymous7:23 am

    Greetings to lovely Mowgli and you too,dear Lara!
    I hope, alles ist in Ordnung !

  2. Such a lovely little girl. She looks up to you with bautiful eyes.

  3. Anonymous5:43 pm

    She's very very cute!

  4. Oh, she is really so cute! Lovely photo!

  5. She has a cute and happy smile, very cute! :)

  6. Mowgli looks adorable and beautiful! LOVE the photos!


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