Sunday, July 11, 2010

another day, another crowd

Crowds - one would say - are perfectly homogenous gatherings, where one can get lost and mingled. Mixed too - more like mixed up... It's hard to get a face - especially if they are crowds of tourists, since all their faces are turned to some amazing statue or the like. But then, in all this confusion of hair and caps and hats, some faces show up, a bit bored perhaps, or drowned in boredom. Boredom? In Vienna? don't think so... Maybe just dreaming of another Leberkäsesemmel ;)...
In the sun, at Belvedere Palace, Vienna, Austria.


  1. Ja, der Sommer in Wien läßt sich wirklich herrlich genießen - auch wenn man das ganze Jahr hier ist!
    Wunderbare Fotos!

  2. Or perhaps - where is that d.... driver? :-)


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