Thursday, July 22, 2010

lookin' for the road

A simple story: the road you should walk on is yours to find. No one can point it to you on the map. You have to fight and struggle and cry and scream to find it, and once you've found it, oh, well... just keep it.

At crossroads, decisions don't come easy, but they are better that no decision at all.

My road was long ago already found. Somehow, I chose to lose it. From an unjustified fear, I guess. And now I must chase the dust away from my compass, and even from my old map, and try to find it again. If I could only shake the fear away! I'll get a good hold again on my trusted guiding hand (hold me tight!), I'll accept the fact that some things cannot be changed. But no one can show me the road. I and only I am supposed to sniff the old traces leading me back. With a new mind.

(Don't mind the words, I just had to say it. Even thou I know it makes no sense to you :)... My World is a bit confused right now.)


  1. Oh, crossroads..

    I needed to hear (or read) this. Today!

    Thank you so much!



  2. Es findet sich immer ein Weg....

  3. Very interesting. There's a chinese proverb that quote

    To know the road ahead, ask those coming back. So if you seems confused ask people who have gone thru such experience and how they cope.

  4. You're so right about finding and keeping your road by yourself. Nobody else can do it for you.
    The photo goes so well with your words.

  5. This is such a great shot to illustrate "crossroads."

  6. I love this shot. Crossroads are often hard and it's good to know that it's possible to change course even if it's hard to. You expressed the issues so well.

  7. Sometimes you don't even need a map if your intuition is strong. Try following your heart. Good Luck!

  8. Love that photo--and I know the feeling. I am in a similar situation. I remember the line of Woody Allen: "The heart is a resilient muscle."

  9. I am not the best of car driver, realy I hate it. When I am driving with my car, I am allway have this problem ... But when I am walking, ... I will find my way.


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