Tuesday, January 17, 2012

words, in an evening

Take some time out and go to a bar
Listen to some music
Say a few words
Take a sip from that tall glass
Maybe eat a bite or two
Share your stories
And get some others in return
Words are never wasted in vain.
ps: my facebook page for the Neusiedler lake in Austria is HERE. If you like it, click like, please ;)!
This post is a part of Our World Tuesday.


  1. A nice dining atmosphere!

  2. Your words and pictures go so well together! I love the dreamy feeling of the photo!!

  3. I like the lighting in this interesting bar shot. The person looks like she's may have had a few glasses.
    Nice facebook site!

  4. Hi Lara, I'm always too tired to go out at night! When we go to the city, I'm more of a night-life person. I like the atmosphere of your photo.


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