Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Neusidler Stadtfest: Volkstanzgruppe (2)

Again the Volkstanzgruppe. A funny bunch, as a mentioned, with a really contagious passion for dance!The picture below is from the Stadtfest in 2007. No clue why this year I didn't see them wearing these wonderful costumes... Happy Tuesday!


  1. This lloks like a fun festival, enjoy some good beer, dance and have fun!

  2. Beautiful photos, Lara and great atmosphere that you caught! I like seeing those people happy and smiling.

  3. You've captured the dancing very well!

  4. They do look like they're having fun!

    Thank you so much for my award, which I shall display when I have time to figure out what to do! :)

  5. What is that saying about Austria? Oesterreich liegt zwischen zwei See. Neuseidler und... I can't remember the name of the one over by Vorarlberg and Switzerland.

    Beautiful pictures as always!

  6. Nice photos, Lara! Sounds that the festival is great!

    Love your banner, beautiful photo!


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