Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Vienna: colourful

I have a passion for handbags - all shapes and sizes, all colours, they are never too many, just too less :). So there is no wonder my eye was caught by these colourful funky bags on Mariahilferstrasse in Vienna.
Happy Wednesday!PS: ... hence, I read this blog:


  1. A passion which needs to have a good purse...;-)
    Nice new banner!

  2. Oh, Lara, our bags are never big enough for us women! And, yes, I totally agree with the comment above. LOL It is good to know what someone like the most, so when you have to buy him/her a present you already know what to buy without thinking. If I were closer to you I would know what to buy for your birthday, for example. :-))

  3. Hi Lara, love these beautiful colourful bags. I went to the blog "One more hadbag" and I like it too! My daughter loves bags and I will send this link to her.

    PS: Respondi ao seu e-mail mas ele voltou, com essa mensagem: "This is the qmail-send program at I'm afraid I wasn't able to deliver your message to the following address..."
    Você poderia fazer o favor de enviar novamente o endereço do seu e-mail para o meu e-mail,
    para que eu possa reencaminhar a minha mensagem.

  4. Me again,
    I am soooo glad to see the image of Ecological Day on the top of your sidebar! Thank you so much! Love it! You are so gentle!
    Many hugs to you!

  5. Hey you're in Vienna now =)

    I remember making this bags as projects in highschool =)

    Really colorful!

  6. Interesting hand bag. very nice!

  7. My most recent bag was a man-bag - girl bags aren't big enough!


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