Monday, August 04, 2008

Sighisoara Medievala - crowds & faces

Ever since Ratze said I should take a look at the people's faces too, I have been enjoying this very much. Sometimes is funny, sometimes I point my camera somewhere else...
Since we did some travelling this weekend (one more festival coming soon :) ), I am so confused right now! The plane arrived really late, till I unpacked it was already 1.30 AM. I already cancelled my early morning appointment, but now, to beat this feeling of "I want to sleep till noon", I'll just go and clean the apartment a little. You know, just to set myself in move for the next meeting. I will take a taxi in any case, I am not really able to drive... :)
Happy week ahead!


  1. You have had a good time, I see:)
    Have a good week you too!

  2. You do wonderful work! These are great faces.

  3. Wow lovely photo. The whole street is filled with people.

  4. The photographer capturing the image of a photographer. Love these festivals you attend.

  5. In the summer sleep till noon everyday! nice shots!


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