Monday, January 19, 2009

Six random things about me

I've been tagged by HPY . And I thank her for that, it's a pleasant task. And no, I didn't finish my translation first, I started writing.

I hate having a boss. For this reason I am working as a freelance. We'll see with this financial crisis what's on... :)

I appear to be a very possitive person. In fact, I am utterly depressed :)).

I am lazy. This is why I work hard, to be able to vanquish this fabrication fault.

I like to eat - and chocolate is among my favourites, as well as heavy totally not healthy traditional dishes. This is why I play lots of sports.

I like books. And this is why I try not to see the movie - most of the time it sucks.

I like travelling. A lot.

I am tagging friends Lara (not myself! the other one :), although I have the feeling she has already done this...), Alice in Singapore, Jackie in Glasgow, Wiley, Leena, Meda in Sarajevo.


  1. This was nice to read and I thank you for remembering me !
    I spend this week with my grandchildren and it`s easy to guess one thing about me - children first, blogging after that !
    I will be at home next weekend, we will see then,what will come to my mind :)
    Wishing nice week to you!

  2. Hi Lara, Thank you so much for tagging me. I have been tagged several times and now I have included you in. You can see all about me in this link.

    As regard to the Year of the Ox, the Ox is one of the 12 animal in the chinese zodiac. You might like to read more about it in this link.

  3. Fun to read these! I don't think you're lazy if you work hard...sounds like you've overcome!

    I have done this, but I will gladly do it again...probably Saturday!

    Hope all is well!

  4. I hate having a boss, too. And I work so hard because I'm lazy, too. But it is in hopes of a break. But I never get one, so no one has any idea I'm lazy!

    Books above movies ANY day!

  5. Thanks for doing this and sending it further. And nice to learn to know you better this way too.

  6. Thanks for thinking of me. Am snowed under with work right now, but will try to remember to do this soon :)

    I'm with you on the book/film thing!


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