Tuesday, January 20, 2009

where is our freedom?!

Last night my aunt calls me with an amazing news: starting with the 20th of January, 2009, all, I mean ALL our phonecalls and our sms will be monitored, traced down, recorded by the phone companies, be it mobile or fixed line. Also, from the 15th of March, 2009, all our internet activity will be monitored and registered. Good bye privacy, good bye confidentiality, good bye... freedom?! Is Ceausescu alive again?! I am indeed speechless to be able to comment this any further. The law is from November, 2008. Nobody knew about it, nobody talked about it. The press is 99% silent about this. I WANT TO GO AWAY FROM ROMANIA!!!

Is this happening in any other country in the civilized world?!


  1. I guess it's starting everywhere! But you need a lot of people to survey everyone!

  2. Frightening...
    Thank you, Lara, for now being one of my followers :-))

  3. Wow Lara! It certainly does sound like Ceausescu is back. That is too bad, I hope that the people can somehow lobby to get the law overturned.

  4. I read the Romanian papers every day, and it only was reported yesterday or today that I'm aware of. There is some talk of certain internet providers logging all information here, but it's not law yet and I'm sure there would be masses of protests. It's very sinister indeed.

  5. It may be happening almost everywhere, but it's probably illegal almost everywhere... ;)
    Have a great week!
    Blogtrotter, still around Delhi!

  6. That can't be necessary! Yeesh.

  7. Over here, I dont think anyone want to read any messages of ours but if there is crime involving the internet, phone, sms,etc, they have a way to trace it.

    There's camera in major places to prevent crimes and camera in the airport, train station, etc.

    So just say cheese.........lol.


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