Thursday, January 22, 2009

warmth & other issues

A spa picture again - from the outside, too. Trying to relax, at least by remembering the nice feelings from the sauna...We already started an online petition against that horrible Romanian law about tracking and registering our phone calls. What amazes me is the comments of the people: some of them really don't care. They don't see this as a violation of our privacy. Even a friend of mine said, when I sent her the link: "oh, come on! I really don't mind this..." How indoctrinated are we? How inactive? How bored? We don't give a sh**! Too sad...


  1. Anonymous10:28 pm

    It is sad. People's memories are so short ...

    Is the campaign just for Romanians? (I know some are only for the nationals involved, given that it is against a national law). If not I'd be happy to add my e-signature.

  2. I think we're already more followed than we believe!

  3. We are living in scary times. A brave new world where people feel complacent and give up freedoms.


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