Tuesday, September 02, 2008

400th post to celebrate also Ecological Day: we are what our environment is

Today is Ecological Days around the blogosphere. Visit Sonia @ Leaves of Grass for more details and more photos about how we see our environment.While let's say that in Romania the garbage dosen't shock me anymore, I was appaled to see it in a paradise such as the Blue Grotto in Malta. So, people, if you no longer make use of the plastic bags, don't just throw it wherever. Keep it till the next garbage bin, or even better, get it recycled!For my 400th post, I'd like to see people keeping their surroundings clean, this is one of the most important things!


  1. You would think people would get the picture. I was at a nature park today and had to pick up trash. Just crazy.

  2. Conrgatulations for your 400th post, Lara! You have got many readers and friends during this time. I remember, when your blog was new and I was glad, I found you.

    Finland used to be very clean country, but during last five years people have started throw carpets all around. I can not understand that, their own environment!

    And of course, this time will be known the age of plastic backs in minds of archaeologists - so elegant, indeed !!

    I will go and look at sonia`s post.

    Have a good day, Lara!
    And welcome to my Aminus pages!

  3. lovely captures. looking at your work really transports me in a different place. great job and congratulations on your 400th post.

  4. Hi dear Lara!
    I apologize, I am so sorry because only now I see your participation on Ecological Day! You did a great post and I would like to say thank you so much!

    Congratulations also for your
    400th post! It's a great milestone!

    Many hugs to you!


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