Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ljubljana, Slovenija: a little nostalgic

Thoughts were rolling faster than the wheels. Landscape unfolding in front of my eyes, covered with that special beginning-of-September light, triggered my memories. Signs of the past everywhere, so the verses of my childhood started chanting: "Pera iz solitera..." / Pera from the skyscaper, it was a little poem we used to like. And then we stopped and took a deep breath. In Ljubljana.I am not Slovenian by nationality, I belong a little bit more to the north-east (Serbia), but somehow, meeting this country, was meeting a part of me and my heritage.
Us, the ones born in this part of the world, we are blessed with a sort of nostalgia, that we carry with us everywhere we go. The coldness of the Alps cools it down a little, but only apparently, because from what I learned until now, Austrians themselves are a little nostalgic too...
Happy Thursday!


  1. I've been thinking a bit about national identity recently - when I was in Romania and Moldova my identity felt very positive, whereas in Scotland I feel my main identity marker isn't that I'm English but that I'm not Scottish. And when I'm in England somehow I don't know who/what I am!

    How far back in your heritage is the Slovenian?

  2. I've never been anywhere near where my roots come from (Ireland), but that beautiful picture makes me nostalgic just for a different, slower way of life.

  3. Beautiful, I love the reflection.


  4. Beautiful photo, Lara and your words that follow the photo are beautiful and touching again.


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