Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ferrari show Velden 2008

The holiday is over, the work is hard already, but this blog is a nice opportunity to go through all the pictures we've taken during the marvelous week in Faak am See and around.
On Saturday, 30th of August, we witnessed a great Ferrari parade. Not as great as the bike parade, but interesting nevertheless :).
Have a great Thursday!

That is so '60s of you :)!
These cars were featured on the chewing-gum wraping when I was a child... :).


  1. That's not something one see's every day! So colorful!

  2. Great photos! Wonderful and charming cars!

    Love your banner and I am looking forward to see your photos!

  3. Nice shot of my dream cars.

  4. I'll bet that was fun to see and photograph. Cool! :-)


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