Sunday, May 31, 2009

Camera Critters at the country, in Romania

Such wonderful things you can see if you go on an offroad trip in Romania :).

Camera Critters

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  1. cute little yellow balls of fluff.

  2. Very cute! Strange how the babies' feathers turn from yellow to white! I wonder what Mother Nature had in mind with this design?

  3. Wonderful family idyll :)
    We can not see this view here, but I saw a plenty of ducks in China as you can guess.

    I just "took off my winter fur" as we say after our first swimming in a lake after a winter. Water is about +7 degrees Celsius, but we have today +24 C and I feel soo hot :)

    Good Sunday to you!

  4. reb irth of spring I love it..Sandy

  5. What a beautiful family! Geese do a good job caring for their young.

  6. Hello Lara,

    Romania is a country I would like to visit one day. I think the countryside must be as beautiful and rich in colours as the cities.

    Have a beautiful new week,

  7. Hi Lara
    Its a beautiful shot :)

  8. Especially this time of year when there's little ones.

  9. What a lovely photo of the geese family !!

  10. Oh, that really tugs at my heart-strings. I'd really like to be in Romania right now ...

  11. Schöne Fotos!
    Wie bist du zu uns gekommen?
    Liebe Grüße


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