Sunday, May 17, 2009

HELP NEEDED - I need a badge!

Hi everyone,

Please can anyone help me with creating a badge and a code? For you to know what I mean, I need something similar to the Camera Critters badges HERE . I need this for my anti- garbage blog that I have together with two other friends (a Romanian language blog, protesting against having too much garbage dumped all over the place in Romania).

If you have any clue about this, I would appreciate the help!



  1. If you want a badge like CC all you need to do is use a program like Picnik (free online editing program) to create a 125X125 one. Then host it on a website like Photobucket. Send me the link to the picture and I will write the code for you. My email address is on my blogs.

  2. Try this Lara, it can give you some inspiration.


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