Thursday, July 03, 2008

Malta - Popeye Village

I am a child at heart, what about you? Do you like to play silly sometimes? I know I did this holiday :)! Popeye Village Malta - fun for all young at heart, as they say on the website.
It was indeed so much fun, although they could care a little bit more and dust the realia from time to time... :). But anyways, I totally enjoyed seeing and taking pictures with Popeye and the gang. After all, together with Chilly Willy, they were my favourite characters as a child.
Happy Thursday!


  1. Very interesting place!

  2. hahaha ... of course, I like to play silly ... but a bit more often then sometimes ;-). The live is serious enough, isn´t!
    I LOVE SPINACH ... and it works, belive me!!

  3. Hi Lara! Amazing post; I don't remember hearing about this in 99 when I got there. Must return and see how Malta and Gozo looks after the EU accession... ;)
    Thanks for your comment on Blogtrotter, now on its last post on Santiago de Compostela! Wish you a wonderful weekend!

  4. What fun, Lara. I love this. That first photo kept me glued to my screen. Great stuff.

  5. I like this post as well as the previous one.
    This place is very interesting and fun…and yes, I am still a child at heart although I am 47 yrso. They say it is only our body that is getting older but not our soul.

  6. Oh! that looks good...

  7. The photos are so colorful, I'd think its just a theme park!

    Do they serve much Spinach there? Though nowadays they say that Spinach actually prohibits iron which wouldn't make one stronger lol. I like Popeye too!!!

  8. I was staying in Mellieħa so I wasn't far away from this but never got chance to visit it. It looks like you had a great time of it.


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