Tuesday, July 01, 2008

a prize from my brother-in-Harley Fabrizio

I've got this from my brother-in-Harley Fabrizio Modelli . I am so happy for this, first of all because he got it first, and then because he also nominated me, along with four fabulous people.
Here is my turn now. I cannot give the prize to Fabrizio anymore :), although I'd like too, but you see below "and my winers are..."

Il premio Graficamania nasce per premiare tutti gli spazi web, siano essi blog, siti o forum, che si distinguono per i loro contenuti grafici e la loro creatività.Il presente premio è un'idea esclusiava del Graficamania Forum (http://graficamania.forumfree.net/) che ne detiene ogni diritto.

The Graficamania prize was created in order to be awarded to all web spaces, be they blogs or forums, which are special through their graphic content and their creativity. This prize is an exclusive idea of Graficamania Forum (http://graficamania.forumfree.net/) , which holds all the rights.

1.Esporre il premio
Show the prize.
Premio Graficamania

2. Linkare lo/gli spazi web che vi hanno premiato e il forum Graficamania (http://graficamania.forumfree.net/)

Publish a link to the web space(s) which awarded you with this prize and a link to the Graficamania (http://graficamania.forumfree.net/)

3. Premiare a vostra volta almeno 5 spazi virtuali (siano essi blog, forum o siti) specificando le motivazioni per cui ritenete meritino il premio.

Award the prize yourself to at least 5 web spaces (be it a blog, forum or a site), specifying the reasons for which they deserve this prize.

4. Inserire il regolamento del premio.
Insert the rules of the prize.


And now, my winners are:

http://medam-photogarden.blogspot.com/ : for the beautiful colours bringing me back a little bit of the flavour of my childhood.

http://lalakme.blogspot.com/ : this lady has the same name with me, and she's my inspiration! a truly devoted mother, wife, daughter and photographer!

http://abostonvignette.blogspot.com/ : for the wonderful views she brings on her page!

http://wileywillows.blogspot.com/ : for being so young and enthusiastic!

http://joensuudailyphoto.blogspot.com/ : for showing us how wonderful is life!

And there will also be Ratze, but the mere wannabe cannot award the master. And Sandy, but there is no prize big enough for keeping the faith... And please consider also all my blogroll list, too! So everybody who want to accept this prize, feel free, it's a small thanks for bringing to the world beautiful pictures!
Grazie, Fabrizio!


  1. è un grande piacere seguire il tuo blog ed i reportage dei luoghi che visiti.

    a presto

  2. wow! thank you very much!

  3. Anonymous2:07 pm


  4. DAS TUT WEH!!! hahahaha ....
    Thank you and congratulatins at all winners!!!

  5. Thank you, Lara, from the bottom of my heart that you nominated me for this beautiful prize among so many other wonderful bloggers who make my day with their beautiful photos. There are so many of them including you too that I wouldn't be able to choose only four of them as the winners.

  6. Wow! Thank you! I am glad I decided to comb your blog today...I missed some important posts!! Such nice compliments!


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