Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Malta - Valetta: sunny morning

Yesterday we were tricked by the weather to believe that some rain comes again. Instead, we had over 30 C again. Today too. 7.30 AM and hot already. What is your weather like today?
Happy Wednesday! Enjoy some Valetta scenes again - the one below shows some deliiiiiiiiiiiiicious Maltese bread specialities :). For breakfast!


  1. Anonymous2:08 pm

    Hum .. are they selling fresh bread?

  2. Good morning! A great way to start the day with fresh baked bread.

  3. Pity I have already eaten - looks good though. Even at 27 degrees.

  4. looks like really good bread! nice shots!

  5. hahahaha ... I don´t think so! I would say the best bread for a nice morning are from France and .... Germany. SURE!! Ok ..."pan de yuca" would be a alternative.
    Any way ... Love this!


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